Somalia repression ‘grinding


In a statement, the Canadian Somali Congress said: “This report is deeply troubling…. We condemn the human rights abuses by the Al-Shabab terrorist group, the Transitional Federal Government and the troops from the African Union Mission in Somalia. This credible report shows that the various players in the Somali conflict have violated the laws of war and urgent steps need to be taken in order to end the impunity that contributes to further abuses of civilians.”

Former Chief of Somali NSS faces lawsuit for torture

Columbus, OH (HOL) – The Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA) and Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP have filed a lawsuit against the former chief of Somali National Security Service (NSS). The lawsuit alleges that Col. Abdi Aden Magan ordered the detention and torture of a professor and human rights lawyer in 1988.

Somaliland Vice President Ahmed Yasiin Receives Warm Reception

Vice President’s warm Reception
Berbera (JMG) – Somaliland Vice President, Ahmed Yousuf Yasin, was warmly received when he returned from 3 months treatment in France, at Berbera Airport yesterday.

Somaliland: America’s underestimated friend

Somaliland: America’s underestimated friend

Think about Somalia and all that jumps to mind is the image of a lawless country where extremist forces have turned it into killing fields, where people are butchered, maimed and their dignities and human rights are trampled on in the name of a mangled Islam, where piracy is a lucrative business that brings brides and undreamed of wealth and luxuries to hapless maritime scarecrows.

Farah Ma’llin is a brother deeply touched by the Somali dilemma

Farah Ma’llin is a brother deeply touched by the Somali dilemma 

It is a heroic and courageous step from a talented politician of Somali origin to rise above the tribal lines that divided the Somali nation. Hon.

Who is Ismail Omar Geilleh

Who is Ismail Omar Geilleh?

On March 1st 2010, Somali community in East Africa and all over the world witnessed a new history being made in the dusty streets of ruined but historic town of Saylac in Awdal Somalia.

When was the claim on “Saylac” started?

Reprinting of Polarizing Despots: Baseless Claims On “Saylac” By a Clan Who Predominately Resides in Djibouti Has No Merit or Historical context




Somaliland Community in North West is hosting event appealing the release of British couple Paul and Rachel

Somalilanders living in North West England are organising event this Saturday Feb 20 2010 in which they are appealing for the release of the British couple Paul and Rachel Chandler being held captive by pirates.

Somaliland elections: Observers welcome progress towards setting date for poll

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 As part of the UK-based team coordinating election observers for the much-delayed presidential elections in the internationally unrecognised Republic of Somaliland, Progressio today welcomes recent progress made to resolve the Somaliland voter registration process – a key sticking point – and calls on all parties to push ahead and set a date for the poll.