May, 2009

Sports: Jama Karaiin Leads His Team To Victory

The Sudanese runner, Abubaker Khaki, has won a gold medal for the 800 meters race held in Qatar Super Grand Prix. Coach Jama Karaiin says his team was well prepared for the tournament.

Diaspora Group ‘Somaliland Forum’ Elects New Executive Committee

The Somaliland advocacy group, Somaliland Forum, has elected a new 5-member Executive team to lead it through the next year. Below is a press statement released by the group:

18th May A Day That Moves The World

¬† “18th May, a day that moves the world”!. Each and every year on the 18th May, we the people of Somaliland remember, we will always remember the mothers and fathers who laid down their lives for peace and progress of this honorable nation. We always remember these fallen heroes and heroines because of their […]

Somaliland Elections Postponement Undeniably Extends the Agony which Most Somaliland People Wanted Through The Power of the Ballot

Dear Fellow countrymen , I know you have been through alot since the start of this year, with postponement of our national elections, the world economic melt down among others,