April, 2009

The Exceptional Emergency Powers Of The Council of Elders In Somaliland

The Exceptional Emergency Powers Of The Council of Elders To Extend The Tenure Of The President Create Disincentives To Plan And Hold The Elections In a Timely Manner

The Postponement Of Presidential Elections For Third Time Till 29th October 09 Is A Set Back In Democratisation Of Somaliland

  Somaliland has made progress since 2005 as an emerging democracy with relative stability marking a shift to democratic accountability and Governance through parliamentary elections.

Somaliland: Talks Aimed At Resolving Crisis Appear Doomed

Hargeysa (Somaliland Globe) On Saturday, 25.04.09 the three chairmen of UDUB, UCID and Kulmiye, the three political parties in Somaliland have held intense and sensitive talks in the Presidential palace in Hargeysa to resolve the political stand off and crisis in the country, following the end of the current government’s term of office in April, […]

Somaliland: Talks To Address The Political Stand Off

Hargeysa (Somaliland Globe) The two opposition parties, UCUD and Kulmiye, have agreed to participate in talks with President Rayale of Somaliland to resolve the current political stand off.  The meeting and talks were facilitated by a committee of activist citizens.

Somaliland leadership sliding into dictatorship right before our eyes

  As a Somaliland citizen I was not supporting, in the beginning, any of Somaliland political parties, for I believed none of the Somaliland national parties have the honesty and integrity to lead the Somaliland people to the Promised Land. 

Opposition Supporters Turn Out in Rallies Accross Somaliland

Large crowds defying government ban on demonstrations showed up at rallies across the country to support the opposition KULMIYE party.

Somaliland: Law Makers Enquire About Eastern Regions Fund

Harageysa (Somaliland Globe) Approximately about thirthy plus members of of Somaliland’s house of parliament and Guurti whose roots are from the eastern regions of Somaliland, Sool, Sanaag and Buhodle, have held a press conference yesterday in Hargeysa. 

Six Points to Save Democracy and Stability in Somaliland

(Borama, April 19, 2009) On April 16, 17 and 18, 2009 the two opposition political parties in Somaliland UCUD and KULMIYE met for intensive consultations.

Somaliliand: Demonstrations Held In Hargeysa and Berbera

Hargeysa/Berbera (Somaliland Globe) The main opposition party in Somaliland, Kulmiye, has held large scare demonstrations in the capital city of Somaliland, Hargeysa, and the seaport of Berbera yesterday, 13th April.

Somaliland: Police Storms Offices of Opposition Party In Burao

BURAO (Somaliland Globe) — The Somaliland police have stormed the offices of KULMIYE, the main opposition party in Somaliland today.  As the police raided the office a number of journalists from the independent media have been gathered there for a press conference organized the by the party.