March, 2009

Another Setback for Somaliland Democracy

Somaliland has had a good start in the democratization process when president Rayaale’s government had successfully implemented three successive elections

Cry Mother Somaliland Cry

There are very few stories that are as compelling to be told as the one that I am about to narrate. A few days ago I came home from work tired and longing for a short nap to help refresh for the busy evening hours of helping the kids with homework. — by: Mohamed A. Suleiman

Somaliland: Horyaal Reporter Remains In Custody

HARGEISA (Somaliland Globe) — Contrary to earlier reports of the release of all four Horyaal Radio reporters, Ahmed Suleiman Doholl still remains in custody. The other three reporters were released late last night.

Somaliland: Guurti Vote Extends President’s Term

The Upper House of Parliament, Guurti, has voted to pass a controversial bill that will allow Riyale to stay in office unelected for six more months.

UPDATED: Somaliland Government Arrests 4 Reporters

The police in Somaliland detained and released four reporters from the independent Horyaal Radio. The reporters, who were all released tonight, were detained between late Friday and early hours Saturday morning.

Somaliland Sees No Security Threats To Ethiopian Flights

Somaliland’s Aviation Minister, Ali Mohamed Warancadde, says security is not part of the reasons why Ethiopian Airlines has not yet resumed flights to Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Guurti Move Jeopardizes Return To Democracy In Somaliland

Some members of the unelected House of Elders, the Guurti, are proposing yet another extension for the unelected president of Somaliland.

‘Somaliland Parliament should address the constitutional crisis’ says House Speaker Irro

Hargeysa (Somaliland Globe) — The Chair of Somaliland’s House of Parliament Mr Abdillahi Irro called on the President of Somaliland and the Chairmen of the two opposition parties to convene a face to face meeting as soon as possible in order to discuss the constitutional crisis that has arisen following the postponement of the Presidential elections.

Somaliland Minister of Finance questioned by Parliament

Hargeysa (SomalilandGlobe) Mr Hussein Ali Duale, Somaliland’s minister of finance, was grilled today by the legislators of Somaliland’s Parliament about the government’s new budget and the escalating inflation following the printing of new money by the administration. Mr Duale denied knowledge of any money the government has printed and urged the Parliamentarians to question

The EU is part of the problem in Somaliland

The European Union gave millions of Euros in aid to the National Electoral Commission (NEC) in order to carry out voter registration campaign throughout Somaliland.