February, 2009

Fighting Continues In Somalia For The 3rd Day

Renewed confrontation between government forces and Islamic Insurgents in Somalia has killed at least 40 civilians and forced thousands to flee parts of Mogadishu.

Somalia: Aid Agencies Alarmed by Food Shortages

NAIROBI  (Somaliland Globe) – One in six children in Somalia is acutely malnourished because of high food prices and lack of access to staple foods due to ongoing conflict, according to an early warning report published today.

Peacekeepers in Somalia Suffer Deadliest Suicide Attack

Mogadishu, Somalia – (Somaliland Globe) — At least 11 Burundian soldiers have been killed and 15 others sustained serious injuries in a suicide attack on their base in Mogadishu on Sunday.

Somaliland Opposition Leader Warns Against Harassing Civilians

HARGEISA 21 Fe 2009 (Somaliland Globe) – KULMIYE party has called on Mr. Dahir Rayaale, Somaliland president, to stop election delaying tactics and warned him from endangering the national security.

The History of Chauvinism-Created Union

by I. H. Gagale — In the thirty years of the union (1960-1990), Somaliland people have learned a lot from Somalia that dismisses any chance of reviving the doomed union in the future. The following past actions of Somalia that failed the union and make it impossible to revive in the future are …

Somalia: PM unveils his new cabinet

Djibouti 20 Feb 2009 (The Somaliland Globe) – Today, Somalia’s new Prime Minister, Mr. Omar Abdirashid Ali, named his cabinet, appointing a leader of a major Islamist group as the country’s new home minister.

Is Cacophony And Sycophancy Environment Part Of Somaliland Politics?

By Mukhtar Mohamed Abby — In March 2009, the people of Somaliland will be going to the polling stations to choose a new leader; thereby every one of Somaliland politicians and the common man are preoccupied with the developments of the forthcoming presidential election

Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah has not offended Somali journalists

By Liban Ahmad Major news networks such as the VOA reported that, the head of the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) Omar Faruk Osman said that comment by U.N. Special Representative Ahmedou Ould Abdallah “’motivates’ those who have carried out recent fatal attacks against journalists

Attempt To Remove The Parliament Leader Falls Flat

HARGEISA (The Somaliland Globe) – A group of members of the Upper House of Parliament failed to table a motion to change the law that allows removal of the leader of the House despite the leader’s repeated request for them to forward their motion.

Chinese President Visits Senegal

Chinese President, Hu Jintao, begins an official visit in Senegal today, where he will meet with the Senegalese President, Mr. Abdoulaye Wade. It is expected the visit will emphasize on co-operations and aid while the international attention is focused on Chinese hunt for commodities.