Farah Ma’llin is a brother deeply touched by the Somali dilemma

Farah Ma’llin is a brother deeply touched by the Somali dilemma  It is a heroic and courageous step from a talented politician of Somali origin to rise above the tribal lines that divided the Somali nation. Hon.

Rebuttal of Mohamed Hassan Matan’s Preposterous Article

( London, England) (Opinion) A recent article, written of course in Somali and appeared in by the above-mentioned author, has pre-empted a planned conference intended to bring some members of the Awdal Diaspora communities together in Minneapolis to deliberate and eventually map out their future destiny.

7/11 Crime Still Awaits Justice

Adal Resources and Development Assistance Association (ARDAA)    Press Release: 7/11 Crime Still Awaits Justice   Five months have passed since July 11, 2009 when four innocent civilians from Awdal were kidnapped, tortured, murdered and their bodies mutilated. The victims were travelling on the main road between Dilla and Kalabaydh in order to carry out […]

Somaliland: Electoral Commission Resigns

Four members of the Electoral Commission, including the chairman, resigned a day after two other members also resigned bringing the total that resigned to 6 out of the 7 members of the commission. Their refusal to resign, as demanded by the opposition parties and the Donor countries that assist Somaliland’s democratisation process, has been a […]

UCID Party: No Agreement On Formation Of Interim Government

HARGEISA, Somaliland (Somaliland Globe) — The opposition UCID party of Somaliland released a press statement in Somali denying “unconfirmed reports” of agreement between it and the other opposition party KULMIYE on the formation of an interim government.

Silanyo Rules Out Meeting Face to Face With President Rayale

HARGEISA, Somaliland (Somaliland Globe) – The leader of Somaliland’s opposition KULMIYE party has categorically ruled out that their officials will have any face-to-face meeting with president Rayale, saying there will be no talks unless the president fully honours what has been agreed upon by the three major political parties shortly after the six-month presidential term […]

Administration Sees A “Threat” From The Leader Of The Upper House Of Somaliland

HARGEISA, Somaliland (The Somaliland Globe) — The Riyale administration accused Suleiman M. Adam — the leader of the Guurti, the Upper House of Parliament — of planning to depose president Riyale. The Foreign Minister Abdillahi M. Duale, interviewed by Universal TV today, accused Suleiman M. Adam of planning to topple the government “illegally by creating […]

Silanyo Visits Wounded Civilians In Hargeisa Hospital

HARGEISA, Somaliland (Somaliland Globe)- The leader of Somaliland opposition KULMIYE party, Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo has paid a visit to the civilians who were injured in clashes between police and demonstrators protesting over the closure of parliament by president Rayale on Saturday.

Somaliland Public To Riyale: “We Own, Maintain the Peace”

Every time that the president faced a political crisis of his own making in the past, he conveniently ordered the army and the police into the streets imposing a curfew throughout Hargeisa city. Uncharacteristically, however, the night following the morning of the massive demonstration that led to the deaths and injuries of  several civilians, not […]

AU Special Envoy Arrives In Somaliland As Ethiopian Minister Departs

The AU’s Special Envoy to Somalia/Somaliland, Mr. Nicholas Bwakira arrived in Hargeisa today. His visit follows the departure of the Ethiopian deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Tekede Alemu from Hargeisa. Mr. Bwakira is slated to hold separate meeting with the candidates of the three political parties and the parliament.