2009 Year in Review: In Depth News Analysis: Somaliland, World

03 January 2010 | Op-Ed
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2009 Year in Review: In Depth News Analysis: Somaliland, World

Top Two Themes

(1). Mr. Rayaale  resign now to save whatever is left of your tarnished name!
(2). Mr. Rayaale reverse the sale of the historical islands of “Saadin and Ceebat” now!


“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity” ~ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Dr. Martin Luther King

Somalilanders New Year Resolution: A Rayaaleless 2010 where the rule of law prevails over a greedy government, selling public property and clan radicals creating unnecessary land disputes and conflict


I would like to start my piece with an old civil rights chant  “Fired up and ready to go” a chant even the then Senator Obama used during his quest for the presidency of the United States in 2008. This means the people of Somaliland are fired up and ready to go. They are ready to vote out Rayaale and his corrupt regime. He would like to drag his feet from holding elections as he did many times before, but not this time. The time is in the past and the clock is ticking on his mafia-like regime. The curtain is closing on his inept administration. They are a sun set administration and are forced to face the coming dawn.

Awdal people and all Somalilanders inside and outside must put  this reckless, and illegal territorial sales man’s (Rayaale) feet to the fire. Let the bad sales man feel the heat, let him not sleep and enjoy his loath. He got away selling so much public land, property, and allowed massive illegal fishing of our waters, but not this time. The ostensible sale of the historical and priceless Islands of “Saadin and Ceebat” is nothing new it is the climax, the peak and the culmination of an all out sales spree that started many years ago. Let us get rid of this high robber, let us remove together this robin hood, and Al Capone  from power by any means necessary. Let us stop this extortion racket, and sale of public land  in its tracks. Together Any more day under the rule of  this greedy tyrant r means, another day of illegal sale of public property and land. One more day of Rayaale’s illegal rule means misrule, corruption and the embezzlement of public money and public property and land. One more day in this current reign is tantamount to the illegal aggrandizement of public funds. This man have imposed a total economical blockade on the people of Awdal/Sale/Gabiley in particular, and all Somalilanders in general. He has imposed sanctioned against their livelihood. That is why they would like to see this tyrant with the bottomless bowl to be removed by any means necessary.

Somalilanders new year resolution is to see a Rayaaleless 2010. They are hoping with an utmost enthusiasm to see a year whereby the illegal Real Estate and land sales man, to fade into the wilderness and be dethroned through the ballot box. The people of Awdal/Salel/Gabiley will like to see the person, person’s or however bought Saadin and Ceebat to take his money or their money back, because that transaction is null, and void, and will never be allowed to go off the ground. The people of the above regions are warning these people  never to dream of coming to“Saadin and Ceebat,” let alone illegitimately owning or taking their land. They are also would like to inform them they are not welcome there. Last but not the least, they have the pleasure to inform them, their land is not for sale, be it legally or illegally. These historical islands can not be sold by anybody including Rayaale. Rayaale or anybody else or dictator or whoever, do not have neither the mandate nor the authority to sell their land. They would like to inform who ever dares to encroach on their land, must be ready for a harsh and a devastating response. They would never accept their land to be sold and put in the auction block in a surreptitious, under the table, and off the shelf manner. One must remember thousands have died for this land, and thousands more are ready to die for it again. Hundreds of heroes are buried beneath the sacred soil of these two islands. Among them is the beloved  “Saadin”, the king of Zeila.  One of the islands currently in question still bears his name.

Some of you may heard the following excerpts of the legendary “Zeili” folklore of “Heleelii-Waambee:  Saadin Najaynaaa Ila yaa rabaw Reer Zeilac Baan Nahee Tafaraj Calaynaa.”

These words were chants that were sang by ancient Zeilites, following the repulsion and defeating of a fierce invasion from Abyssinia, by the king of Zeila, “Saadiin” and his people. Saadin himself who was at the time the commander of the kingdom of Zeila’s forces has been killed in the battle, and currently buried in the island of “Saadin.” King Saadin’s memorial tomb is the island.


What the people were saying was “we are the people of Zeila who were saved by our king “Saadin. Allah we are the people of Zeila, save us and give us a way out.”  In the same token the people of modern Zeila are ready to liberate “Saadi and Ceebat” again from any other tyrant, who tries to easily grape a land thousands died for before. The culture of defending their land and love of liberty and Independence is ingrained in their genes.

2009 was a turbulent year. It was a year of tremendous ups and downs. The last lion of the Kennedy’s dynasty, Senator Edward Kennedy died marking the end of an era. It was a year a man from no where Baraka Obama has electrified America, took everybody by surprise, his torrential cyclones has swept the political world and overwhelmed both seasoned and career politicians. That same man took over the white through an unprecedented and historical biltzkrieg . It was a year of huge economical meltdown. The economical tsunami was a result of trend caused by greedy banks and predatory Real Estates companies. The economical earth quake caused so many banks to went out of business. The huge plunderers and master manipulators were rewarded with billions of public money, and with diminishing returns. The old tiger never changes his stripes, despite the billions of public money they still keep on paying themselves hefty and outrageous bonuses. Definitely it was a year wall street has reaped the bad seeds they have sown long time ago. Ironically they were showered with public money while main street suffered and still suffering double-digit unemployment. The huge squanderers enjoyed the public money, and still refusing to change their life style while main street is still hurting. They also are not lending any public money to small businesses, and ordinary citizens.

Main 13 Stories in Brief

1. Mr., Rayaale again to save whatever is left of your tarnished name, your best option for you to do at this time is to resign

2. The then Senator Obama has succeeded  waging the most brilliant campaign in U.S. presidential history. Campaigning has proven to be much more easier than governing.

3. Iranian problem with other countries is increasing and the current leadership, headed by Ahmadabad is 19th century leadership, which is not ready to deliver great leadership in order to cope with the western powers (Imperial powers)

4. The Huthi-Yemeni-Saudi war is raging and there is no end in sight

5. What does the new Puntland flag means

6. Deployment of 30,000 soldiers to Afghanistan is not the answer. Afghanistan is a tribal society that never had a strong central government

7. The banks and mortgage giants who were behind the economic mess and also bailed out by the government are not bailing out ordinary American citizens

8. The killing of more than 150 peaceful demonstrators by a Guinean dictator amounts to a blatant genocide, and the so-called AU and the obsolete United Nations looked the other way.

9. Why on earth narrow die-hard clan supporters toss vicious invectives against Abdurrahman Zaylici, who is part of an new blood, new generation of leaders replacing the old guard.

10. Short history of Somaliland songs. Dr.Martin Luther King once said history will never forget about W.E.B.Dubois. In the same history will never have to forget about Abdi Deeqsi Warfa (Abdi Sicimo and Khadija Ciye Dharaar (Khadijo Balwo), as the preeminent inventors, the creators, and the original founders of the Balwo.

11. Somaliland education could be called the best kept secret. There is nothing new here this land has been always at the fore front of education in this region for the last millennium. According to some reports Somaliland education has went through an unprecedented growth for the last decade.

12. The jubilance of the two neighboring dictators, Ethiopia and Djibouti following the sanctions against Eritrea  is premature and childish. They need to resolve the problems of their own countries.

13. The high level delegation from Kenya was a great opportunity for Somaliland. They have visited many Somaliland cities. They have witnessed so much development in Somaliland. Their visit will surley strengthen the relationship between Somlailand and kenya.

Stories in Depth

1. There Is no doubt at all that Mr. Rayaale has done a lot for the nation in the first few Years of his long tenure. He has built a disciplined security and defense forces. Along with the citizens he kept and consolidated the peace in the country. Lately Rayaale has made so much mistakes, he became engaged in series of corruption and extortion schemes, embezzlement, influence pedaling, intimidation of the legal opposition, and frantic rush to sell public lands and property. He starts selling public lands, tossing new fake regions and districts without planning. He used the newly created artificial regions to influence certain clans, or subclans. These unplanned, undemarcated, not well-surveyed regions and districts are future dispute prone, and conflict generating items.These are the future flash points between communities and clans. Something I did not understand is whether he is doing these illegal and unfair activities, out of political ineptitude or just mere ignorance of the repercussions, and consequences the wrongly allotted regions and districts will cause. Clearly he lacks the vision and foresight to perceive the gravity of the situation. He did a lot of these things in order to harvest some votes and influence, irrespective of the negative, and damaging consequences that will surely emanate from his illegal activities. The culmination of Rayaale’s illegal activities such as the habit of selling public property, lands and the recent sale of the historical islands of “Saaadin  and Ceebat”, without public consent is unacceptable, and is another huge ammunition for the majority of Somalilanders who like to see him retire soon. In short all Somalilanders would like to see him dethroned through the ballot box. Some legal experts believe he may potentially face legal challenges even when he leaves office.

2. President obama was inaugurated in January 20 as the 44th president of the United States. In the year 2008, the Obama campaign has excited America and the world at large. The expectation from this president are tremendous. The pressure on him is enormous. There are so many groups who are looking up to him to effect a real change in their lives, but these days reality is setting in as so many people are realizing how much he can do.

3. Iran is in a huge struggle with the west, with itself and as well as with other countries in the Middle East. The nuclear issue is becoming much more difficult, and threats exchanged between Iran and the west are becoming more frequent and intense. Moreover, recently an election was rigged in Iran in which the current radical president Mohamed AhmedNajad has been declared the victor. That has caused massive anti-government demonstrations in which many people have lost their lives. That problem is still unresolved and the tension is still high. Currently some kind of a massive anti-Ahmed Najad movement is emerging in Iran.

4. The Huthi-Yemeni-Saudi war is intensifying,. The Saudi dictatorship and other foreign countries are also getting involved in the war.These interventions are further enlarging and escalating the conflict. The United states needs to stay away from propping up the two unpopular dictatorships in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Yemen is a collapsed state and its situation is increasingly becoming hopeless. I advice the Obama administration to stay away from getting dragged in the raging Yemen civil war. The Saudis also have been indiscriminately bombing civilians for more than a month. They have bad pilots who can potentially bomb civilians and cause huge civilian causalities. .

5. Puntland’s new flag was a new development which will have some impact, on an already  messy Horn of Africa. Different groups, people and nations will interpret this development in different ways. To the some natives of Somalia, the “ former Italian Somaliland” who are seriously looking to see a government for all the former “Italian Somaliland” this a huge blow to them. Despite Puntland’s claim that they are still part of Somalia, their statements are not enough to calm the concern of the above listed people. Realistically in Africa, every body can be suspicious when one has a new flag, a national anthem and changed their name from the regional government to the Puntland government of Somalia. I know they lost heart with the formation of the illusive governments of Somalia. To Somalilanders this is a concrete vindication and also a blow to those singing the empty gospel of the unity of Somalia. They see such people as hypocrites who are on the one hand in the process of taking care of their separate tribal interests, while on the other hand singing the empty words of Somali unity. Many Somalilanders believe the leading torch bearers for the hollow Somali unity were primarily puntland supporters. Therefore, Somalilanders believe even those who were part of the former Italian Somaliland are trying to go it alone.

6. Deployment of more troops to Afghanistan is wrong and will not help the situation. Afghanistan was never a really unified country. Afghanistan never has a strong central government. The country is still going through a thirty years of civil war.
7. The banks and mortgage giants, who got millions of Tax payer money are not changing the high interest rate mortgages they tricked some customers (people of color) to sign. At the same time, they are not lending  money to small minority businesses also.
8. The killing of more than 150 people by the new Guinean dictator camera and the AU, UN silence of this genocide is deafening. The so-called AU and the United Nations looked the other way. Day after day the United nations is becoming an  obsolete organization.
Are such criminal fragile states deserved to be recognized by the so-called world body? The answer is no. A review of the automatic recognition of decolonized states is increasingly becoming necessary. The world body should have attached recognition to responsibility, transparency and accountability. The world is paying dearly to its massive automatic recognition of the decolonized states. So far the only condition for United Nation’s dejure recognition of states was decolonization.

9.  What is behind the virulent anger against Abdurrahman Zaylici espoused by the Rayaale supporters? Didn’t they know all the people of Awdal and all Somalillanders supported Mr. Rayaale  before. Why so much anger and slander is directed against Abdurrahman Saylici who won a genuine primary in a legal and transparent manner. If they cry corruption, he was not a party insider, the other candidates were party insiders. Why Abdularahman Saylici who is not a vice-president yet has been cruelly targeted? Isn’t that  tribally motivated. Those virulent attacks against this young vice-presidential candidate has to stop. This is a selective clan motivated viciousness which has to be condemned and despised. I  can see no reason for this madness. The saying goes, If It walks like a duck, and quakes like a duck, it is duck. This means Rayaale supporters do not want to see anybody else in a position of power, but not this time. There are so many other issues of injustice, abusive of power, tribal segregation, and corruption Rayaale has perpetrated through out Somaliland. The latest sale of the islands of Saadin and Ceebat is a good example. The latest illegal sale has mobilized galvanized massive grass roots movement in Awdal and through out Somaliland.

10. A short memorial for the original and unsung founders of the Baalwo, Abdi deeqsi Warfaa and Khadija Ciye Dharaar, Khadija Balwo. The Balwo as we know it today has been founded in “Giriyaad” a forbidding desert west of Borama and east of Zeila by two Awdal natives Abdi Deeqsi Warfa and Khadija Ciye Dharaar. The time was 1942.  During those days Abdi Deeqsi Warfaa Abdi Sinimo was a truck driver, who used to operate between Borama and Djibouti. One day his truck has broken down in the burning desert called Giriyaad. While waiting for his help he stayed there for months. That was the period Abdi Cinimo and Khadija Balwo founded the modern Balwo. The first word that came of his mouth was “ Balway Balway waxa I Baleeyay Babuur.“  “Uga Baxay biyaha Kululuu libaax bulbulana Basray Iidhi yoo, Jawhara iyo lool Ley Taan U Jiidh Go ayay Jaah Nuur Keeday Ala Janay Awadaa Majiibsada oo” This is not exactly the first Balwo songs, but it actually one of the first hit creations that was released soon after the Balwo was found in Borama. The rest is history, in 1944, Abdi Sinimo founded the first Balwo band in Borama.The Balwo band used to attract many visitors from Hargeisa and many other places.

11.  The educational strides the people of Somaliland has taken are unprecedented. The pioneering, entrepreneurship, enterprising and creative genes of the people of this land can be reflected in many aspects of life in this country, and especially in the educational sector. One of the legacies of this education loving communities, can in part be traced back to the unquenchable thirsty for knowledge and education, the people of Somaliland has in their genes. The growth of all levels of education in this country, in a period of a decade, without the help of the dysfunctional international mafia organizations is unprecedented, unbelievable and historical. For a period of about ten years the country grew from zero universities to almost eight universities and counting,  and the qualities of some these universities is better than many other universities in Africa and the Middle East. Education in the elementary, middle and high schools were all grown more than ten fold. In rough estimates the literacy rate of the country grew from 35% to more than 60%. The goal in the drawing board of the education secretariat, is to raise the literacy rate to 80% by the year 2015. There are also many vocational institutes and technical academies who train students on different hands on skills such as computer technology, plumping, wielding, carpentry, construction, brick laying and others.

12. False happiness and continued provocation, cat fights, personal clashes, conspiring against each other will not resolve their problems.That is the business as usual for unfortunate Horn of Africa’s entrenched dictators. I am not a fan of the other stubborn dictator Afwergi, but was taken aback by the bursting into jubilance and festivities exhibited by Zinawi and Gelle, when the Security Council(the selective and exclusive council) imposed sanctions against Eritrea. The later action has fired the above named big ego dictators. Aggressive lobbing to impose sanctions against each other will not work. This  jubilance is premature. This is a reflection of their ineptness and how they are out of touch with reality. Vindictive actions like this against each other will not resove the monumental problems facing the Horn of Africa. It is mind boggling to see these unholy duo so jubilant with a selective and toothless sanctions. The UN should have imposed sanctions against Zinewi by killing hundreds of peaceful demonstrators in Addis Abba, who just protested against rigged elections. These dictators  harbor wrong mentality, and wrong thinking. They always have the habit of  seeking solutions from outside and not within. That is an insane policy which is testament to so many failed and failing states in Africa, compared to other regions of the world. If there was fairness and real justice in the UN, the 5o years old Palestinian problem would have been revolved long time ago, the fifty million Kurdish would have been given an independent homeland. Chechnya not mountain negro would have been allowed for their self-determination. Somaliland and not Kosovo would have been given a dejure recognition long time ago.

13. The delegation from Kenya was a fact finding mission led by a high ranking official of a Somali decent Mr. Farah Maallin. He visited many Somaliland cities and just can’t believe what he has seen. He praised Somaliland concrete progress in so many sectors without outside help. It is ridiculous to hear some tribally motivated groups, and the government of the state of Puntland to denounce such a peaceful fact-finding mission. They have again proven their tribal mentality. You can’s be both tribal and nationalist at the same time. Surely that is nothing but a pure contradiction, hypocrisy and hogwash.

I. Rayaale will be removed from Somaliland’s leadership and finally Somalilanders will enjoy a Rayaaleless life
II. The sale of public property and land will finally come to an end

I. Great efforts must be exerted to stop Somalilander’s radicals who are in a frantic efforts to stir land disputes. Some of these radicals are creating intractable land disputes while at same time, also laying false claims on peoples’ land. Genuine land disputed must be resolved through peaceful means. This is Somaliland’s Achilles heels that may build or break us. Huge attention must be given to this area. This is an area that may potentially polarize Somaliland communities good relationship, If not stopped  that may eventually develop into multiple conflicts.
II. Joint efforts must be excreted on the growing terrorism and chaos in our border with Somalia

“Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery.” Wayne Dyer
Suleiman Ige is a senior science instructor and a freelance writer

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